Shawna Virago is one of America’s first openly transgender women to tour nationally, performing as her true self since the early nineties. She is a pioneer in the pre-millennial punk scene, and is celebrated for
her firebrand fusion of punk and country and her striking lyrics. Virago has been profiled online, in print
and on radio including Bitch, Louder Than War, No Depression, Paste magazine, on NPR and PBS, and on
left-of-the-dial radio. The Advocate named her song “Objectified,” as on of the nation’s top Transgender

Virago’s narrative is one of courage and creativity, of facing a world often hostile to trans identities with
unwavering strength and an unyielding commitment to her craft. Her music, while deeply personal, speaks to broader themes of resistance, empowerment, and the ongoing fight for visibility and rights within the trans community.

Her songs call on listeners to engage deeply, to recognize the humanity in each other, and to appreciate the beauty of living authentically. Virago is a published writer and her work appears in many anthologies. She is the Artistic Director of the
San Francisco Transgender Film Festival and her films have screened at festivals throughout the world.


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