Listen to or download the first single released from Shawna Virago’s new album Heaven Sent Delinquent 



Gender Armageddon



Album Notes:

Heaven Sent Delinquent is an evocative album of all-new songs by Shawna Virago. Ten acoustic songs travel across literal and mythical landscapes filled with brawling women, dandy provocateurs, and queer rebel misfits. Available on CDBaby, iTunes, Spotify, SoundCloud, Amazon and Pandora.

Album Notes:

“I am ready for my close-up…” begins celebrated transsexual songwriter Shawna Virago’s CD Objectified. “First I better go and throw up” she continues, illustrating perfectly Virago’s bold songwriting style – one part sex, one part politics, two parts poetry.

A longtime favorite in San Francisco’s underground transgender music scene, Shawna Virago is widely celebrated as a gifted lyricist and edgy provocateur. Virago’s debut CD Objectified is a collection of 12 original songs ranging from folk-punk to acoustic glam twang, with a dash of naughty queer Americana – with exceptional lyrics that range from sexy to sarcastic, polemic to political, haunting to heartfelt.

From the rockabilly-inspired romp “Dead War Hero” to the throbbing leather anthem “Transsexual Dominatrix,” to “Objectified” a treatise on the pressure to conform to idealized concepts of female beauty, to the tender and beautiful “Million Dollar Day,” an ode to barroom love, Objectified has a raging sweetness and raw humor that seduces the listener into joining the trans/gender revolution.